Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Our twin granddaughters turned two this past weekend and it give me the opportunity to again wax on about my love of two-year-olds. There is something magical about the years between two and five, when the world is one big mystery for discovering, and brains are just waiting to soak up everything they can see, smell, taste, experience around them. It's a wonderful time in life!

I wish I could remember anything from those ages, but I can't. I can however observe and after four children. lots of nieces and nephews, and now ten grandchildren, I still am in love with this age of discovery. I love hearing them use new words, and I love seeing the magical look on their faces when they suddenly figure something out for the first time. There is wonder in their eyes and curiosity in their heads as they literally careen around the world, feet often moving faster than the rest of their bodies can keep up with. They find joy in the smallest things, and comfort in strong arms and hugs. They still love to cuddle on your lap and read a story, but are happy to run away when the spirit moves them. Like I said, a magical time.

After these girls move beyond these wonderful few years we'll have only one more grandchild to experience it with, we think. Of course that could change! But if not we have been able to once again observe one of God's miracles from front row seats, and for that I'm very grateful.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Cool winds

The weekend brought some cool winds with it and morning hours were cold enough that I went around closing the windows in the house. These are the difficult days to dress for because it is chilly early but warms up later in the day. I sweater is needed, only to be discarded later on as the sun warms the world around us.

It's a busy time in the yards right now with people getting things ready for the colder months ahead. we're talking about putting in an irrigation system - something I didn't think we would ever do - but now that my daughter is having the lawn mown by professionals for us, there's no need not to have it lush and lovely. With a new housing development going in next door we want to add to the buffer between our house and the neighboring ones, so it makes sense to give our investment the best possible chance at survival. We'll see what the estimates come in at.

A friend is getting rid of some mature landscaping, which is a wonderful opportunity for us to get some. That, along with a sprinkler system might help a lot in the coming years to deaden the ever increasing traffic noise in our neighborhood. Lush and green surroundings do seem, to make for good neighbors....

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Our youngest grandchild is going to be baptized this morning.

I am in awe when I stop and think about the fact that I have ten grandchildren. And I am humbled by the fact that the eldest is in her 13th year on earth. How does that happen? How can we be sitting at home rocking our own babies to sleep one day and the next, watching our grandchildren play in our yard, of be baptized in the church? It is such a mystery to me.

We do our best to stop time by photographing every moment of it, don't we? and we hope that the memories will comfort us as we get old. But the fact of the matter is our best memories, and the ones that are so crisp and fresh in our minds, are the ones we treasured as we made them, savoring each precius moment, never to be forgotten, I'm so glad I knew even way back then how important those fleeting years were.

Today our youngest grandchild will be baptized

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Long sleeves

I find myself rummaging through my drawers for long-sleeved shirts lately. It's that time of the year when the sweaters come out and the linen shirts and tee shirts just don't cut it anymore.

Mornings are especially cool and comfortable. I like this weather so I'm a happy camper. In fact, I get somewhat annoyed when I dress for the early temperatures and have to begin stripping off layers by late morning. I like my sweaters and lightweight jackets! I want them on all day. There is something comforting about wrapping my arms around myself, all cozy in a nice sweater, curling into the comfort of fall.

It will be only weeks until the sweaters will be left on all day, and weeks after that when they'll be replaced by wool and other warm weather fabrics. As week goes into week and month into month, the seasons progress to remind us of how fleeting life truly is. Don't close your eyes for a moment or a month will have passed! When did summer end, anyway?

Life is a roller coaster and an hourglass. We hang on tightly for the ride until it begins to slow down to an eventual stop and then we want to do it all again, despite our terror as we mounted each  high point. And then we climb off that ride and see the hourglass, sand quickly passing through to the bottom and leaving less and less on top. At my age we see it for what it is: soon to run out. Yes, I'd take that ride again, terror and all....

Friday, September 12, 2014


Yesterday was the anniversary of 9-11 and of course the television was full of all the ceremonies and events that commemorated that awful day. One woman I saw interviewed expressed the fear that memories will fade and wanted to make sure that no one ever forgets.

But I think her feelings echo those of generations of people who came before us. Just imagine the horrible time following the Civil War. Or in my grandparents day, WWI. For every war that we have ever fought, throughout history, people have wanted to make sure their sacrifice, their pain, and their suffering is never forgotten. That's why we are reminded not to forget on certain dates every year: Pearl Harbor Day; Memorial Day; D Day; etc. Those who lived through the horror, who lost loved ones, who gave the ultimate sacrifice of loved ones, desperately want the validation so necessary for us to go forward, to live life, and to share our pain.

Sadly, with time we do forget. Oh, we may always mark the day and we may always take the time to memorialize a time that was terrible in our history. But we do not, and cannot, have the passion that those who lived through it did. And that is the blessing. Otherwise we could not bear the weight of it all.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


The energy has changed out here. As I drove from Southampton to Sag Harbor on Tuesday morning I could feel a definite change in the feel of the air and even when I was volunteering at the hospital I could feel it. Like a curtain being lowered or raised, everything feel and looks different. Autumn is here and our little corner of the world is back to normal again.

I love the East End in the autumn. I love the color of the sky and the farm stands and the "energy" that is palpable. The kids are back at school our schedules have settled into some sort of normalcy. and life feels right again. There is something about summer that is just "different". Like stepping out of time for a couple crazy months. And ow, we've returned to where we belong.

Already the air is cool at night and we close the windows while watching TV but open the wide for sleeping. Life is good in September.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Autumn bliss

I think the heat and humidity has finally left us for this year and I am happily enjoying my favorite weather - autumn. Already the air feels better, crisper and lighter without that oppressive humidity, and the sky is a beautiful shade of blue. As the sun changes angles you can see the subtle changes to the color spectrum and the color of the fall is my favorite.

I am looking forward to the cool days ahead. I will be getting my warm sweaters out and looking forward to comfortable nights of sleep. And I love the colors of fall as well. I don't mourn the end of summer other than to be sad that time goes so quickly!

Well its all ahead of us right now and for me at least, its something to look forward to.